Android Studio was unable to find a valid JVM – Setting up Android Studio on Yosemite

Step 1: Install Android Studio

After downloading Android Studio and firing it up for the first time, I was immediately confronted with an error:

Android Studio was unable to find a valid JVM

I realized I hadn’t yet setup Java on my machine so I followed the link from the Android Studio docs to download the JDK and installed Java 7. Hopping over to my command line, I verified the install by running javac -version which output javac 1.7.0_71.

Try restarting Android Studio and…

Android Studio was unable to find a valid JVM


Step 2: Google furiously

At this point, I must admit that I’m no Java expert. I followed the instructions to download the JDK but there are a ton of links on that page… maybe I made a mistake?

Thankfully this StackOverflow thread saved the day.

The accepted answer recommends hacking on the info.plist inside the Android Studio package. There’s discussion in the comments pointing out that this is no longer a recommended practice.

I finally found this answer which recommends downloading the latest JVM from Oracle and then downloading this Java bundle from Apple. After installing both packages I’m now able to fire up Android Studio (and I didn’t have to hack on any of the internals). Yay!

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