Android Tablet Self Ordering System

This Android tablet app works similar to McDonald’s self-service kiosk, customers can order meals directly from their table without any assistance from staff.

Main features I have developed:

  • UI
  • Show categories of dishes
  • Show dishes based on categories
  • Show total bills
  • Show dish details
  • Order or cancel order dishes

ipad order food


The POS System

The POS system

The POS system connects cash drawer, receipt printer, kitchen printer together, allows staff to quickly make an order for the customers and calculate the bill.

Main features I have developed:

  • Offline system:  Before the offline system is built, all other devices including Android  Tablet Self Ordering system, Android Mobile Staff Ordering system all directly talk to the remote cloud server. Now they  talk to the POS system in a LAN environment. The POS system acts like a server and all other Android units act as clients. So our whole system will still work even the remote server is down or WAN connectivity is lost. Once the connection is retrieved. All local data will be synchronized to the remote sever.
  • Multi language
  • Quick ordering layout design

food ordering

system interfacequick ordering.jpg