Android studio shortcut

Switch between tabs:

alt + left or right arrow

Last edit location:

cmd+shift+backspace ctrl+shift+backspace

This is a variation on the “Navigate Back” shortcut that cycles between the locations where you typed something.

Picture yourself fixing a nasty bug. You think you have the solution so you start fixing it but then realize that you have to look at the android source code and a couple other classes in your project. You enter a function, which leads you to another class, which leads you to another thing and 20 steps later, you finally have the insight needed to complete your fix… but in which file and at what line where you again? Just use this shortcut and you are right back at the exact line where you stopped writing.

Delete Line

cmd+backspace ctrl+y

It deletes the current line or selection.

Navigate to highlighted syntax errors => F2/Shift+F2

Join Lines and Literals

ctrl+shift+j ctrl+shift+j

This is doing more than simulating the delete key at the end of the line! It will preserve formatting rules and it will also:

  • Merge two comment lines and remove the unused //
  • Merge multiline strings, removing the + signs and the double-quotes
  • Join fields and assignments

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